Advisory Board

Bill Sommers:

Started as a salesperson for various commercial water pump Manufactuers in California, thought up the idea of broadly stocking pumps and Parts in California, but moved the business to Arizona and it became Pressure Systems Incorporated. Bill also pioneered the idea of using water in commercial Misting systems, which he incorporated into a company named MistAir, which is the leading supplier of commercial misting systems in Arizona. Bill’s most recent innovation is ‘nanobubbles which are microscopic bubbles Generated by his patented machine and used in extreme cleaning situations, such As those generated by COVD 19. Bill and his wife Phylis have Five children, all of whom are involved in his businesses in various Capacities; his youngest son, Chris, is the incoming President and all five children have stock in the companies.

Peter Liefer:

Started Primeview as a four person operation in one office room in Scottsdale in 1996 doing all kinds of web design. Presently employs about 40 people, most of whom are in the Phillippines (one of the first to offshore backend operations in order to compete. The US operations are still done out of a single office in Scottsdale. He and his wife Niousha and son Rion live in Scottsdale.

Shauna Wekherlein

Shauna Weckerlein owns ‘The Tax Goddess’ a CPA firm in Scottsdale which employes about 25 people (more during tax season) and who is well known for her videos where she eloquently explains tax law changes from her living room. President of The Tax Goddess, PLLC, a Phoenix based tax preparation and Advisory service. Shauna is known widely for videos explaining in colorful terms various tenets of The Tax code.