Currently, Solutions Forum operates two CEO groups in Phoenix, one of which meets monthly for four hours, and one which meets quarterly.

A group is also under formation in Tucson, Arizona, and is co-facilitated by John Heinrich and Wyatt Hironimus, who owns a chain of restaurants in Tucson, and who is a former member of the Phoenix group.

The Phoenix monthly group has ten members at present, various fields, such as automotive accessories, software, solar power, tax preparation, web design, law, and landscaping. The companies range from $350,000 to $5million in size.

Discussion topics are tailored more to the individual member, and what he or she wants to get out of Solutions Forum. Topics that have been discussed mirror the Readings section of this site.

Each month, the group hears a speaker, talking about a topic that is of interest to the group.

The Phoenix group has been highly effective, creating an average of $100,000 in value for members.

The Phoenix quarterly group is comprised of six companies, ranging in size from $10 million to $140 million. This group has a paving company, a mechanical contractor, the largest E-bay reseller and, a parts distribution company. This group also meets for four hours, with discussions of strategy, how to hire smarter, diversification, how to create an innovation culture, etc.

We are conducting market research to setup online groups.
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