Do You Have A Toxic Work Culture?

This topic has been much in the news, but surprisingly, there isn’t a definition of what it is, so we’ll try to define it by asking questions that you should know:

  1. Does your company have a clear mission statement that most of your employees understand and agree with?
  2. Does there seem to be a lot of arguing about things that aren’t related to the business, e.g., politics?
  3. Are the arguments started by one person, or a small group of people?
  4. What have you done to resolve conflicts?
  5. Have you taken a survey in the last six months or less about how your employees feel (yes, it’s an emotional issue) about your culture?
  6. Do you think you could be the reason for the toxic work culture?
  7. If you find you have a toxic work culture, what do you plan on dong about it?