More on Vaccines and the Mandates

Yesterday, a Federal judge reportedly outlawed vaccine mandates as unconstitutional under the first amendment.

We are not surprised.

Not only is it a constitutional violation, it’s certainly a violation of free will, when there’s no clear national emergency posed by COVID 19 or any of the variants.

COVID 19 and the variants are still one percent problems, meaning that 99% of the population is penalized because 1% of the population doesn’t want to get one of the vaccines, with no clear reason for not getting vaxed.

Sometimes, karma strikes in odd ways, such as Aaron Rogers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers professional football team, contracting COVID after he was ‘immunized’ with some unknown substance.

As a result, his team loses, might not make the football playoffs and his reputation as a spokesperson is probably damaged. Great thinking, Aaron.

As we’ve said publicly, in our @solutionsforum Twitter account, if you are a public figure, you should get vaxed. Be a good role model and spokesperson.

Since Rogers took some sort of alternative treatment and got COVID, he could perform a public service by saying what he took (assuming it was legal) and don’t do what he did.

Now, since he has COVID 19, he has the opportunity to try alternative treatments, such as Ivermectin, to see if they lessen his symptoms.

Reporting about what happens would be a public service, and might alleviate some the damage his reputation has taken.

Get under center and make the call, Aaron. Take some personal responsibility.