No BS Border Plan

Years ago, a business author and coach named Dan Kennedy popularized a series of business books starting with ‘No BS’.

I think we’re at the point where Arizona’s policy on the border and the wall, as uttered by candidates, needs a ‘No BS’.

The wall makes a difference to us business people, because the inflow of migrants, if done legally, could provide a source of workers for Arizona businesses.

Even Karrin Taylor Robson, with her six point plan, doesn’t actually say ‘build the wall’. Why not we ask?

Kari Lake’s in a similar position. No specifics.

Mark Brnovich, who’s our sitting Attorney General, hasn’t weighed in, either.

So, here’s our plan that is needed to finish the wall, through emininent domain if necessary. I have no idea how much this might cost, but it can be estimated, and I think AZ has the money. This is an emergency.

The slats for the wall are already in position, as I understand it.

The nutty Feds are paying contractors to not build the wall, so cash flow is coming that could be used to build the wall.

The Feds are so caught up in their drawers that Biden might be out of office through impeachment by the time we get sued. Or by that time, he might condone it by doing nothing, If Leaders McConnell and McCarthy can talk some sense into him

All we’re out is the land acquisition cost, and we might be able to sue the Feds to recapture that, since they took no action in a crisis, and got sued by Brnovich for their trouble.

Governor Ducey could get things moving by finding out the land cost, before he leaves office.

Let’s go!