If you’d prefer, private coaching can be arranged, at the rate of $100 per hour, with any member of our panel.

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As you know, we provide private coaching now to each of our CEO members, as a feature of our regular service, and it has been quite successful for members. We will bill you after the session is complete. If there is enough demand, we will also offer credit card processing.

To use our coaching services first, call us at 1-480-200-5678  and let’s discuss what you are struggling with, whether we can help you, and how much it might cost. With a panel, we have many more resources than a typical executive coach.

Here are typical private coaching topics:
1. Improving my effectiveness as a leader
2. Resolving conflicts with senior management
3. Improving my interpersonal skills
4. Improving our hiring techniques
5. Developing a more flexible management style
6. Ideas on better sales effectiveness
7. Balancing work and life priorities
8. Delegating more, to free up thinking time
9. Execution of strategy”
10. Validation and support for decisions