Rethinking Remote

Our local Business Journal had a good article recently about rethinking remote working for your employees.

Our local upsurge in Omicron cases has probably influenced some firms to keep more employees remote or be more lenient in allowing remote work.

It’s a fact that many companies’ workforce decided that they liked to work from home, software could be redesigned to accommodate working from home, and many workers say that if they can work from home, they are less likely to change jobs.

Among our clients, one large civil engineering firm remoted all of its employees to cope with COVID, and has changed to keep employees remote if they want to be.

A large mortgage company allows its employees to go back and forth between working in the office and working remotely.

Employees of an investment firm in New York all want to return to the office.

So, be sensitive to what your workers want before you make any non-reversible decisions about working remotely.