No More Mister Nice Guy

There are a number of different leadership styles, all of which I outline in my monograph ‘How to Run Your Business’.

With apologies to INC Magazine, for borrowing their title, it seems to me that the current state of COVID policy in most businesses is a good time for Presidents and CEOs to test their leadership styles.

I’ve been accused of using whatever leadership style will work in a given situation, which is true, and in  Solutions Forum we coach our clients to do the same.

But, in the present COVID problem (it’s not really a crisis to me), it seems to me that people in a position of responsibility have to get the vaccine, and their employees, to keep their jobs, should do the same.

My GP shocked me the other day when she said that she didn’t plan to get vaccinated, but didn’t have a rational reason for not taking the jab. That’s irresponsible, IMHO. But she does COVID tests regularly.

Which means that you, as the leader, can’t play the Nice Guy. You’ve got to be vaccinated, and you owe it to all of your employees that they get vaccinated too. In fact, they owe it to their coworkers. Why run a risk that you don’t have to?

What is means is that unless an employee has had COVID, or has a doctor’s note about having natural immunity, make sure they get vaxed.

How hard is that?


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