The Business of Politics

Larry Elder’s loss in CA underscores that the GOP has got to rethink how they do elections, and there’s time before 2022.

1, Go head on into the other guy’s strongholds.

2. Propose solutions, not just platitudes. Elder had solutions, I think, but I didn’t hear them until his concession speech. The national media certainly didn’t suss CA solutions out during Larry’s interviews.

3. Hire a solutions oriented campaign manager, so keep the candidate on track. I didn’t have the feeling Larry’s campaign manager was that effective.

4. Use a telemarketing listening campaign to get a sense of what voters are looking for, especially in the opposition party, and translate that back into solutions for the voters. I sort of ran this for McSally, and it worked, but the campaign manager was the weak link in getting the info to the candidate. McSally had 50 volunteers making on average 25 listening calls a night, and I’d say it worked in providing input to her.

5. In this day and age, there need to be volunteers to audit the votes cast for legitimacy. I could see the Dems pulling their phony mail in ballot trick again (the one they did in AZ and nationally) in CA. I’m not sure anyone is auditing the ballots cast in CA to make sure they were all legitimate. Where were or are the Republican auditors?

I’m offering these ideas to the Republicans running in 2022, but beware, the Dems can use them too: there was an impressive Democratic guy who lost to Newsom who had many of the above ideas.

Well, Larry didn’t when, but he shook up the Democrat establishment in California.

And he did discuss the issues facing California.

What he didn’t do is, being a nice guy, attack Greasy Gavin for having no policies and no success in running California.